PHOERA Makeup: A Review from a Seasoned Makeup Artist

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PHOERA, say what?! As a seasoned makeup artist, I couldn't help but be curious about this brand that is making waves in the beauty industry. So, I gave their products a try and boy was I in for a treat! Here's my honest review of the PHOERA Foundation, PHOERA 9D Mascara, PHOERA Makeup Foundation Full Coverage, PHOERA Primer, PHOERA Powder, PHOERA Concealer, Kabuki Brushes Makeup Foundation Brush Powder Brush Concealer, and 104 Buff Beige.

Let's start with the PHOERA Foundation, shall we? This full-coverage foundation blew me away! It gave me flawless and smooth-looking skin without feeling heavy or cakey. Plus, it lasted all day and didn't budge, which is a huge plus in my book. If you're looking for a foundation that will stay put and cover all your imperfections, this one is a must-try.

The PHOERA 9D Mascara is also a winner in my book. It gave me long and voluminous lashes, and didn't smudge or flake throughout the day. Plus, the formula is buildable, so you can add more layers to get that extra oomph. If you want to look like you're wearing falsies without actually wearing them, this mascara is for you.

The PHOERA Primer is another gem that I highly recommend. It creates a smooth and even canvas for your makeup, and helps it stay put for hours. Plus, it has a blurring effect that makes your pores look smaller and your skin look smoother. If you want your makeup to look flawless and stay put, this primer is a must-have.

Now, let's talk about the PHOERA Powder and Concealer. Both of these products are great at setting your makeup and covering any blemishes or dark circles. The powder is finely milled and doesn't look cakey or powdery on the skin, and the concealer has great coverage without feeling heavy. If you want a flawless complexion, these two products are a winning combo.

And last but not least, the Kabuki Brushes Makeup Foundation Brush Powder Brush Concealer, and 104 Buff Beige. I love that PHOERA offers a wide range of brushes to cater to all your makeup needs, and the 104 Buff Beige is a great shade for those with fair skin. The brushes are soft and blend your makeup seamlessly, and the shade of the foundation is perfect for those who have trouble finding a match.

Now, let's break it down with a pro con list:

- Affordable
- High-quality
- Long-lasting
- Buildable
- Flawless finish

- Limited shade range

In conclusion, I was thoroughly impressed with PHOERA's products and would recommend them to anyone looking for high-quality, affordable makeup. The foundation, mascara, primer, powder, and concealer all exceeded my expectations, and the brushes and shade range were a great bonus. Overall, I give PHOERA an 8.5/10 and will definitely be adding these products to my makeup kit.

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