Get Your Sparkle On: Physicians Formula Mineral Wear Diamond Mascara Review

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Hey beauty babes, it's Grace Thompson back again with another makeup review. Today, I'm talking about the Physicians Formula Mineral Wear Diamond Mascara in Clear Diamond. I know what you're thinking, "clear mascara? What's the point?" But trust me, this stuff is a game changer.

First of all, this mascara is dermatologist tested and opthahlamologist approved, so you know it's safe for sensitive eyes. And let me tell you, as someone who has worked with a ton of mature women, sensitive eyes are no joke. This mascara won't cause any irritation or redness, making it perfect for older ladies.

But what really sets this mascara apart is the diamond dust. That's right, diamond dust. It gives your lashes a subtle sparkle that catches the light just right. It's not too over-the-top, but it's enough to make your eyes pop. Plus, the clear formula means you can layer it over any other mascara for an extra bit of bling.

Now, I know some of you might be thinking, "I don't want to look like a disco ball." But trust me, this mascara is subtle enough that it won't make you look like you're trying too hard. It's perfect for adding a little something extra to your everyday look, or for dressing up for a special occasion.

- Diamond dust gives a subtle sparkle to your lashes
- Dermatologist tested and opthahlamologist approved for sensitive eyes
- Clear formula can be layered over any mascara

- Some may not like the subtle sparkle

In conclusion, I highly recommend the Physicians Formula Mineral Wear Diamond Mascara in Clear Diamond. It's perfect for older women who want to add a little bit of sparkle to their look without going overboard. And at under $10, it won't break the bank. So go ahead and get your sparkle on, ladies!

Bottom Line: 8.5/10

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